Paolo Fiore

HOMETOWN: I grew up in Brightwaters, NY. Currently, I live in Ridgefield, CT!


WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO GET OUT THERE?: Running has provided a wonderful medium by which I have been able to continually discover and redefine who I am by pushing my limits, being inspired by others, and being humbled by the struggle and suffering that is the sport. The thing that inspires me to get out there is the simple yet wonderful act of living each day. I am inspired to “get out there” because I am fascinated and curious as to what opportunities a new day is going to offer me. The opportunity to grow and improve as a person so that I can best serve and love those around me. We all get out there, let’s all get after it.

FAVORITE PLACE TO RUN: On LI: Sunken Meadow State Park. In CT: The Vail Loop

FAVORITE POST RUN MEAL: Chocolate milk is a must! Then throw in a sandwich called “the day break”. There is a spot on long island called Railroad Express Bagel in Babylon. They sell this sandwich which is 2 Fried eggs, salt pepper ketchup, sliced roast beef, slice of fresh tomato, and melted cheddar cheese on a LONG ISLAND bagel. *French Kiss*